Upholstery Cleaning

Why Extreme Steam Cleaning, LLC Upholstery Cleaning:

When is the last time your upholstery was cleaned? Did you know that by the time your upholstery looks dirty, it is actually very dirty. Upholstery should be cleaned before it looks dirty & it should be cleaned more often. It is not like carpet so it cannot be saturated and cleaned by just going over it multiple times. We use a specialized furniture tool that leaves no over spray and minimizes moisture, this decreases the dry time.
  • First, we inspect the furniture to make sure it can be steam cleaned and evaluate any stains or spots so we can let you know what to expect from the cleaning.

  • Next, we pre-treat the fabric allowing the cleaning agents to emulsify the dirt and stains.

  • We follow this with an all fiber rinse and extraction to thoroughly remove soil and moisture. The reasons we use the all fiber rinse are:

    • Rinses out soil and residue better than water alone.

    • The safe, organic acid in the all fiber rinse neutralizes alkalinity and removes detergent residues, leaving fibers clean and soft.

    • Helps to stabilize dyes and inhibits browning and color bleeding.